Lion Pride

Pride is another reason why many do not wish to accept the truth. Pride comes in many forms and natures, and exhibits itself in a desire to not be wrong, and pride at is basic level is really fear. But, I feel it is very important to understand that all of us are wrong in various degrees, in that, since all of us are not God, we do not know His Truth in its entirety.  Continue reading

Receiving God’s Truth about us


Jesus: I would also allow myself to receive God’s Truth about me, wouldn’t I? Can you see that? I would allow God’s Truth to enter me. When I’ve done something that’s out of harmony with love, the more sensitive I became to God and receiving God’s Love, the more I’d know it’s out of harmony with love; I’d automatically start knowing things that are out of harmony with love, more than I did before. I would know when they’re not right, I would know.  Continue reading

Reasons for resistance towards knowing God

Curved wall

The wall of resistance

[01:08:17.14] Participant Male: This will probably be an open-ended question, but why is it that we all, on Earth, just want to live in denial almost of God’s existence?

[01:08:31.16] Jesus: Well, because we’ve got so many emotions about it: we’ve got so many emotions locked up about God’s existence, so many fears, so many denials. So much untruth is perpetrated, both in the name of God erroneously, but also so much untruth in terms of what is God’s nature, what is God’s character, all of those things ‒ we hardly know anything.  Continue reading

Divine Truth Notes


In this blog you will find Divine Truth notes. Parts taken from the Divine Truth website with the purpose of encouraging all of us to move forward in our journey. Our journey of getting closer to our real parent – God, becoming more loving beings to ourselves and others, and experiencing this everlasting life of passion, desires, growth and happiness. All credit goes to Jesus & Mary and all the crew involved who deliver the materials to the world.

True happiness is possible.

True Love is possible.

Absolute Truths exist.

It only depends on us.

If we keep swimming forward having the goal in mind to become more loving, more truthful, more humble and more secure in faith in God’s Love then we will all meet there. That’s the way to not sink (in our pains and frustrations and further degradation).


Resistive to Learn things

Before we’re at-one with God, we are the most resistive to learning new things. And we’ve got to give up the resistance.
And what’s helped me a lot to give up my resistance is firstly, even when I don’t even feel trust for God, I at least
intellectually tell myself I can trust God. Even if I don’t feel faith in God, I tell myself intellectually at least that I can
have faith in God because at the end of the day I do observe these things in my universe around me that tell me that I
can have this faith and trust in this God of love. And therefore the only reason why I’m not connecting with God has to
be inside myself.  Continue reading