A channelling from a Celestial spirit, Beatrice, about fully choosing


The question that was asked was, “Why are so many on the Divine Love Path having such a hard time emotionally and not progressing much?” Beatrice is a Celestial spirit who I met about two years ago when she was in the first sphere. She progressed from the first sphere to the Celestial spirit spheres in nine months of our time on Earth after learning the truths. Then she came and channelled this information, and this is what she said. [02:07:43.00]

Beatrice: “Well firstly, they are not fully choosing. They are intellectually choosing but not choosing with their heart and their soul. Then they often have preconceived ideas or notions of how this emotional path should be for them, and this cannot possibly be helpful to them. An emotional path towards the Love and the Truth of God has to be one of trust and faith and allowing, surrendering to everything, working, feeling on a soul level, without the mind influencing that flow of emotion towards God, which is your personal journey that is unique, quite unlike anyone else’s. Until this is fully experienced at a soul level the Law of Attraction operates in all sorts of ways to distract, creating difficulties and additional emotions because there is no clarity from within, from the soul level.

“Once a person has chosen fully [with the soul], the path is clear, the distractions fall away, there are no additional difficulties and it could then be said that it is plain sailing in many ways…”

Jesus: Of course very emotional plain sailing,

Beatrice: “… towards the full desire that your soul is calling for, but until that time, that moment of fully choosing, this cannot happen and further difficulties will continue to be created by your soul to attempt to show you that you are not fully committed to your chosen path. You are sending mixed signals out from your soul and your soul creates further mixed signals for you to experience. So how does a person who says, ‘But I’m really wanting to be on the Divine Love Path in totality,’ but then finds themselves stuck or in continual anger, for example, change things?”


“Because this person is, I am sure, intellectually stating that they are really wanting to progress. This is a dilemma that many in the spirit realms experience. As simply as possible the best way to explain it is to say that you have to want everything, every single experience, painful and beautiful, ugly and extreme, in every way to become a part of who you are, to so want these changes that you give up all those things you know will hinder your progress, to have such a strong desire that you can feel the pain of that desire on every level of your being, so that the desire is so strong in you, you feel propelled, you have no choice, there is just surrender to trust and faith because your soul is yearning for that love and truth because it’s always been there.[02:10:30.00]

“It is there, it is simply hidden, clouded by the damage from all those years of being out of harmony with the truth and love. Know that this is all within you to reach, to heal you, to become who you really are, to see the truth, to feel love and greater and greater levels of beauty that, as yet, you can have no comprehension of. Why would you linger? I can say to you now from my reality, in this magnificent Celestial Kingdom, words cannot do justice to the beauty, harmony and love that surrounds us all and it just keeps getting better and better, more and more intense, beautiful. So why wait?

“I would have loved to have been given this knowledge while I was still in the physical. To have been without Divine Love for all that time now seems a waste and, dear, that’s why I choose to help you and many others through you. This really is the most remarkable journey and I am in gratitude to you and Jesus for your part in my discovery of a path that is quite exceptional. I will do all I can to help you, all of you, who now call on me. I love you with all my soul, each of you, and I encourage you to find that deep place within you for the full choosing that is simple once you have done it.”

Jesus: It’s a nice message, isn’t it?

Audience: Yeah. It’s beautiful.


The Human Soul The Power Of Your Soul

Receiving abuse as an adult goes back to suppressed childhood emotions

Broken Mirror
Receiving abuse as an adult occurs due to an allowance through suppressed
childhood emotions

However, if we are getting abused as an adult, then we need to look at the fact that we still
really think of ourselves as a child. That means that we have quite a lot of childlike emotions locked up within us that we are refusing to feel and release. It would benefit us immensely if, either with the aid of a therapist or helper, or even by ourselves with God, we went through these emotions, the childlike emotions, and then come out the other side of them.

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Is it my fault if I was abused?

broken mirror 3

Differences in causes of abuse for children and adults

Well, no, of course not, but I have to clarify some things here with this question.

Firstly, as a child, it’s never your fault that you’re abused, ever, under any circumstances, no matter what abuse occurred, and no matter what the adults around you who abused you, told you. Even if the person who abused you was a child, it’s still not your fault. Abuse occurs because somebody chose to be unloving to you. Somebody other than you chose to be unloving to you. That’s why abuse
occurs, as a child.

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When you stop the tears you feel tired, pain & exhaustion


You chose to prevent your tears
That is why you feel exhausted
Because when you fight your tears
It’s a very exhausting process
When you allow your tears to flow
It will be short and intense
but as the tears flow out
you start to feel connected to yourself again

You feel you are on the road to progress again…


Jesus: You are trying to battle your emotions

– How do I stop fighting?

Jesus: You give up (!)
See, this is where you can pray to God and just ask for God to help you give up the battle.
Give up fighting.

– Ask God?

Jesus: Always ask God to help you…
Ask God to help you give it up


Experimenting a relationship with God

The way you discover God’s nature is by experimenting, with your relationship with God; that’s how you do that. If you think about how you do it with a person, how do you do it? You experiment with a relationship with them, don’t you? When you first see a person, you go, “I would really like to get to know that person.” What do you do? You take action, and spend time with that person; you try to get to know that person; you try to listen to that person about how they have lived their life, their history, and all these other things. This is the thing you try to do, isn’t it?  Continue reading

Having intellectual realisations without accompanying emotional experiences


The Lightbulb is not lit up because you have yet to feel the emotions to light up

[01:01:32.14] Mary: Yes, okay: having intellectual realisations without accompanying emotional experiences ‒ it’s a big one.

[01:01:38.25] Jesus: Yes, so do you know what we mean by that? Having an intellectual realisation without having an accompanying emotional experience. A lot of times we have an intellectual realisation, like often we’re having discussions with people and they say, “Oh, yes, I realised that last week.” And did you feel about it? “No. But I know what you’re talking about.” No, you don’t because you haven’t felt it yet.
Unless you feel it, you don’t know. You’re just convincing yourself you know, because you have an intellectual light bulb moment; those kinds of light bulb moments that occur; they’re wonderful, I’m not saying that they’re not, but they don’t mean any progression until you feel about them ‒ that’s the reality. So have them, don’t stop having them but there needs to be further action taken. Continue reading

The Law of Desire, Joy and Pain, & Money


Acting upon loving desires results in joy while acting upon unloving desires results in pain

When we act upon our desires that are harmonious with love and truth then joy results: it’s an automatic result when we act upon desires harmonious with love and truth. So if we want to have joy or happiness in our life we must discover our desire and this proviso is that we want to make sure it is harmonious with love and truth, and then we want to act upon it. If we do all of that we’ll have joy. So you could say joy equals discovering your desire plus making sure it is harmonious with love and truth and then acting upon it. We add those three together; joy will result in our lives.

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