The Three Tools; Prayer; Needing vs Longing

The three tools of longing for Truth, Longing for Love and Humility

Participant: AJ, if you’re aware of an emotional injury and you haven’t come through it, am I right in saying that the only way you’re really going to fully come through it is with God?

Yes, but also realise that God has given you three tools. The first tool is your desire for truth. That’s why I said the truth will set you free. It’s the truth that actually creates freedom in the end, so seek the truth, seek to understand the truth. Set your intention for truth.

The second thing that God gave you is prayer, prayer for love, for Divine Love. Prayer is not like these things where you sit down, prayer is a passionate longing inside of your soul for God’s Love to enter you. That’s prayer.

The third thing that God gave you is the gift of humility, and you can choose to use it if you want. What I mean by humility is the desire to experience every single emotion within you whether it’s painful or pleasurable.

[00:13:02.52] Now if you have just those three things, and it’s that simple, every single thing in your life will be exposed. Every single thing, and you’ll be able to heal it. Now a child can understand those three things, and that’s why I said you need to become as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

How to pray

Participant: So, AJ, this might sound a bit clichéd but I don’t really understand how you actually pray.

If you understand the soul, then you understand that the soul is the emotional part of you. You pray with your emotions. You direct your emotions towards God, that’s how you pray. You can talk if you want to as well, but it’s to do with the emotions that are inside of you. That is what you need to direct to God.

How are you feeling right now? What’s the emotion you’re feeling right now? Do you know?

Participant: Confronted.

Okay, so I’m being confronted. If I were talking to God about that emotion, what would I say that would connect me with this feeling of confrontation?

Participant: My unworthiness feeling, like where I don’t feel like you want to talk to me.

Okay, talk to God about that, and let yourself feel the unworthiness while you’re talking with God about that, and you’ll find that some emotions will come up as a result. That is your prayer. Your prayer is your desire. If my desire at the moment is this feeling of unworthiness within me, if I project that towards God, just allow myself to feel that and be honest about that with God, then that’s a prayer, and God responds to those prayers every single time.

[00:14:52.27] Participant: By loving you?

Not just by loving you, no. Obviously everything is an expression of love, but God also responds by trying to help you, through the Law of Attraction and through all of these other attractions and different things around you and spirits and everything, to try to help you come to understand that you need to firstly draw that emotion out of you and secondly this truth needs to pour into you. God constructs everything in such a way that you learn that lesson in the end, as long as you’re open and willing to experience all of your pain.

The key with all prayer is just to focus on the emotion; it’s the emotion that is the connection with God. Remember that the soul is the emotional, passionate, desirous part of you. It’s not the intellect. You can utilise your intellect just like you can utilise your arm. It’s a tool that your soul has been given to help it along its way. But when your intellect becomes dominant, that’s when everything shuts down.

It’s no good sitting down with rosary beads, and I’m not criticising a Catholic, I’m just saying it’s no good sitting down with rosary beads and counting out, “Hail Mary, mother of God” when there’s no emotion. Sit down and do that if you want to, but put some emotion in it. Why are you saying these things to God? What’s the feeling that’s inside of you? That’s what you need to connect to. When I have the feeling it doesn’t matter what tool I use; I can have a rosary bead or I can sit down in front and bow towards the sun or towards Mecca, I can do anything I want, as long as I connect with the emotion. If I’m not connected with the emotion, I’m not connected with my own soul and I’m not connecting with God, and it’s not a prayer anymore. It is just some outward demonstration of my so-called faith, which I obviously don’t have because I’m yet to have an emotional experience with God.

[00:16:56.17] Let yourself connect emotionally with God, that’s what it’s all about. That’s prayer. Let yourself do that. The feeling you’re feeling right now, the unworthiness, connect with God about that feeling. Be honest to God about how that feels. Feel it.

Needing versus longing during prayer

Participant: AJ, how can you tell the difference between a needy prayer and a longing prayer?

A needy prayer is usually about an avoidance of an emotion. A longing prayer will never avoid an emotion. Let me give you some examples of that. Let’s say I have a feeling of unworthiness in front of me right now. I have the feeling of unworthiness but what’s actually happening in my life is that I’ve got no money and I’m sick and tired of having no money, no matter how much I work. I’m working my guts out all the time, maybe got two jobs and I’ve still got no money. My real feelings inside of my soul are that I want to have some money. I might project that to God, and I might even blame God for that. I might say, “Why is it that I try my hardest? Other people don’t, they steal, they lie, they cheat, and they’ve got money and I haven’t got any money and I’m trying to do everything right,” and we might go down that track of feeling all of those emotions. What we’re really wanting is for God to do things our way. If you’re projecting something at God where you want God to do things your way, then that’s a needy projection. [00:18:35.17]

How many of you have prayed for a partner? A good partner? Most of us probably have. Most of that’s a needy projection you see, because God’s already showing you that there’s an emotion you need to experience that is causing you to not attract a good partner, and you’re unwilling to experience that emotion and so you’re having this prayer to God for something that you’re unwilling to deal with inside of yourself emotionally.

Whenever I project something at God that’s needy, God can’t listen to that because it’s all just about effects. I’m just trying to solve my effects and I’m not willing to look at the causal emotion. For God to listen to a prayer, I need to be addressing a causal emotion inside of myself, or wanting to.

Participant: What’s a causal emotion with that?

With wanting a partner?

Participant: Yeah.

It could be this simple thing that I’m unwilling to feel loneliness. The truth is that I might be by myself, being alone; I’ve now created this experience of being alone because I need to feel lonely, but I never let myself feel it. I busy my life and go to this friend’s and that party and this thing and that thing, and I’m constantly looking for a partner in my life to fulfil me because I don’t want to feel lonely. All I really need to do is cry for a couple of weeks about how alone I am. When I do that and release it, ironically after that all the things that I think I wanted before then will automatically come to me because now I really do want them. [00:20:10.00]


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