What is unloving will be destroyed… Eventually; Civilisations are already crazy, not a person who develops oneself to become emotional

Anything that is out of harmony with love will eventually be destroyed by God’s Laws

The way God’s Universe has been designed is that anything that you attempt to create that’s out of harmony with love, God’s Universe will attempt to destroy it. Isn’t that interesting? All the laws are set up for it to not survive, in other words. This way everything that’s created that’s unloving eventually dies. So you’ve got a business idea that’s unloving; if it’s unloving, God’s Laws are already set up against it. How is it going to survive in the long run? It’s not going to survive in the long run, and you’ll be push and push and push and push and pushing against all of God’s Laws, and go, “Why isn’t this working? Why isn’t this working?” Push, push, push, push, push, and then you get angry, and then push, push, push, push. And it’s still not working and eventually
we throw up our hands generally. Sometimes these things have lasted thousands of years, but they still die.  Continue reading

Childhood injuries & Feeling love from God


Absorbing emotional addictions during childhood

[01:44:25.17] Participant Female: Yes, I’m really struggling with what you’re saying there, even just writing “a desire to be loved”, I don’t feel it’s a natural part of our state, to like I just don’t feel that I should desire to be loved.

[01:44:42.26] Jesus: Why not?

[01:44:43.07] Participant Female: Because it always comes out demanding for me.

[01:44:46.24] Jesus: Well, yes, it becomes tainted by what’s happened to us, during our childhood and our addictions, and so forth.  Continue reading

Receiving God’s Truth about us


Jesus: I would also allow myself to receive God’s Truth about me, wouldn’t I? Can you see that? I would allow God’s Truth to enter me. When I’ve done something that’s out of harmony with love, the more sensitive I became to God and receiving God’s Love, the more I’d know it’s out of harmony with love; I’d automatically start knowing things that are out of harmony with love, more than I did before. I would know when they’re not right, I would know.  Continue reading

Reasons for resistance towards knowing God

Curved wall

The wall of resistance

[01:08:17.14] Participant Male: This will probably be an open-ended question, but why is it that we all, on Earth, just want to live in denial almost of God’s existence?

[01:08:31.16] Jesus: Well, because we’ve got so many emotions about it: we’ve got so many emotions locked up about God’s existence, so many fears, so many denials. So much untruth is perpetrated, both in the name of God erroneously, but also so much untruth in terms of what is God’s nature, what is God’s character, all of those things ‒ we hardly know anything.  Continue reading

Experimenting a relationship with God

The way you discover God’s nature is by experimenting, with your relationship with God; that’s how you do that. If you think about how you do it with a person, how do you do it? You experiment with a relationship with them, don’t you? When you first see a person, you go, “I would really like to get to know that person.” What do you do? You take action, and spend time with that person; you try to get to know that person; you try to listen to that person about how they have lived their life, their history, and all these other things. This is the thing you try to do, isn’t it?  Continue reading