Feeling Unworthy? It’s about how you’ve been treated

BEAUTY OF SADNESS- Describes it all

Female Participant:

I just want to have a clarification on that difference between Josh feeling..

crying because he feels he’s unworthy versus…

Jesus: can I clarify?

Female Participant:  Yeah

Jesus: Many people say to me “but I just feel unworthy. I just cry about that a lot. I feel unworthy”. I’m going sorry but you’re not actually processing an emotion you know what you’re processing? False belief and living it, you’re not even processing. You’re living it, that’s what you are doing. Now, if you live in a false belief, that’s not processing anything and processing emotion is required before you release something if you live in a false belief you are actually reinforcing it.

This is why it never goes away for the people who do this. It will never go away. It can never go away because you’re not facing up to the reason why you feel that way, which is how I’ve been treated by somebody.

A person doesn’t get to feel unworthy for no reason. You understand? So if I feel unworthy it’s because of how I’ve been treated. The way to resolve an issue of unworthiness is to actually work through how I’ve been treated.

Female Participant:
So the answer is if I feel unworthy I shouldn’t sit in that unworthy feeling I should look at why I feel unworthy and …

Jesus: When you sit in the unworthy feeling you’re just having the treatment over and over again. You just reinforcing how you were treated. You understand? That’s all you are doing.

You’re just basically saying “How that person treated me, I deserved it” over and over again that’s what you doing.

You’d far better off getting angry about how you’ve been treated than doing that.

You follow?

Very important, you see. A lot of you are doing things like this; Living in a false belief, right? From an emotional perspective and remember we’re talking here about issues of love. So we’re talking about how can I connect to God when I am leaving in a false belief that it’s in direct disharmony with what God’s trying to teach me. So every time you sit and cry about how unworthy you feel, you’re living in a false belief which is in directly disharmony with God’s belief about you.

Somebody made you feel unworthy. What did they do to you to make you feel unworthy?

That’s the thing you need to process, they are the things you need to remember, they are the things you need to work your way through.



YT Video – Assistance Group Series: Education In Love Group: Developing My Will To Love Session: Analyse My Will To Love & Change With Jesus How I Feel About Change Q&A


Jesus also talks a lot about unworthiness in this document: https://www.divinetruth.com/www/en/pdf/ … estion.pdf

Here are two helpful ones:

The actual emotions of low self-worth have been created by people who are morally bad and unloving treating the child in a manner that attempts to gain power and control over the child using manipulative, coercive, and even violent means. Any person with low self-worth will NOT release causal emotion until they realize that they did NOT deserve the treatment that morally bad and unloving people engaged towards them. They must begin to accept emotionally that the treatment that they received at the hands of people who wanted power and control over them is the REAL reason why they now feel bad about themselves.


They must come to accept that the treatment they received was unwarranted, undeserved, and unnecessary, and was only caused by the “bad” moral and unloving spiritual condition of the people who wanted power and control over them (their parents or caregivers). When the person with poor self-worth begins to work through the truth of the situation, they then will be able to release the feelings and emotions relating to the fact that they did not deserve this treatment, and that God loves them even though other people in their childhood did not.

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