What is unloving will be destroyed… Eventually; Civilisations are already crazy, not a person who develops oneself to become emotional

Anything that is out of harmony with love will eventually be destroyed by God’s Laws

The way God’s Universe has been designed is that anything that you attempt to create that’s out of harmony with love, God’s Universe will attempt to destroy it. Isn’t that interesting? All the laws are set up for it to not survive, in other words. This way everything that’s created that’s unloving eventually dies. So you’ve got a business idea that’s unloving; if it’s unloving, God’s Laws are already set up against it. How is it going to survive in the long run? It’s not going to survive in the long run, and you’ll be push and push and push and push and pushing against all of God’s Laws, and go, “Why isn’t this working? Why isn’t this working?” Push, push, push, push, push, and then you get angry, and then push, push, push, push. And it’s still not working and eventually
we throw up our hands generally. Sometimes these things have lasted thousands of years, but they still die. 

Anything that’s set up out of harmony with God’s Laws is consigned to a death at some point in the future. And I’m talking about any concept, any idea, any creation, any action, any emotion that you set up outside of God’s Laws. All of them are consigned to get destroyed at some point in the future.

How far away are we, as a world, from understanding that? We even have a saying, “All good things must come to an end,” which is the exact opposite of the truth.

Exact opposite. The real saying is, from God’s perspective, “All unloving things will come to an end.”
Which is exciting.
And when we say, “All good things will come to an end,” that’s not God’s opinion on the matter. We’re never going to be at-one with God with that opinion, are we?

So this is the thing. What I’m trying to illustrate here is not just a simple matter of something to do with your relationship with God. It’s your relationship with every single thing in the universe, including yourself, that’s affected by this: every single thing. It’s not just your relationship with God, or your relationship with other people, or your environment or any of those individual things, it’s absolutely everything that’s going to be affected.

It’s your relationship with reality, actually. You can’t actually know what’s going on around you, if you just believe the facade and feel nothing because whole other things can be happening, and are happening, and if you feel, you’ll know what they are. But if you don’t feel, you don’t even have a grip on reality.

Participant Female:
All this fear I have about going insane through feeling my emotion, I’m already there, you know, like I’m insane already.

[00:52:33.14] Jesus: You’re insane already, so why are you worried about that.

[00:52:36.12] Mary: It’s like the conversations, it’s already happened.

[00:52:39.09] Jesus: It’s already happened.

[00:52:40.10] Mary: Still worrying.

[00:52:41.26] Jesus: Like the whole planet is basically crazy at the moment. Really. [00:52:45.26] Participant Female: And all civilisation seems to implode, if you look at so-called great civilisations.

[00:52:51.18] Jesus: Of course they implode because they’re all set up out of harmony with God’s Laws. God’s Laws are created to try to attempt to deconstruct those particular things that humans have constructed. That applies right down to your own personal life.

Civilisation and mankind are currently insane

Jesus: You think about how crazy this world is ‒ like we charge for water. That’s crazy. Anybody who loved wouldn’t charge for water. There’s plenty of water on the planet for everyone to share, drinking water in particular, but any type of water really. But we charge for it. Then we charge for food, that’s pretty crazy. Why would you charge for food? Food’s an essential, after two or three days you start to starve, after two months most of us would be dead without food. Without water it’s two, three, four days, depending on our environment, a week at the most. We’re dead without water.


The Earth provides water and food, yet it is not “free”

Why would we charge for it? Like that’s crazy; we are crazy. As a civilisation, we are crazy. We do a whole heap of things that are totally nuts. And then we say, when somebody’s talking to a spirit, he’s nuts. That’s a bit strange. The spirits actually are alive, and you actually can talk to them. So I don’t see why he’s nuts, but I certainly see why you’re nuts when you’re charging for water. (Laughter)

Again, we don’t have God’s view on the matter at all. We don’t actually know anything if we detune from our emotional state. We don’t know anything. And we can know nothing, actually. All the concepts and ideas we come up with, which are all being guided by our intellect or our mind, and most probably driven by some very, very dark, usually unhealed emotions, cause lots of destruction on the planet as a result, as well.

[00:54:52.02] So yeah, many of us are worried about becoming crazy, but we’re already crazy. We need to become sane. And why would you worry about that? Well, a crazy person worries about becoming sane. Isn’t that interesting too? (Laughter)

That’s how it works isn’t it? We’re all worried maybe we’ll become a nutcase if we do this. No you’re already such. How can you go further down that track, sure eventually you could become psychotic, that’s possible. But not if you progress towards God. It’s not possible at all.

Gaining clarity when we are emotional

water in glass

[00:55:22.14] Participant Female: Just thought I’d share that as a child I was into crying over nothing. So last night I said, “I’m just going to cry over nothing,” because there’s so much to cry about I couldn’t pinpoint it. Normally I categorise what am I feeling but I found myself just going I’m crying over everything. Like it’s nothing, but it’s everything. I cried for an hour last night in bed, and then I woke up this morning, and wrote an email that I never even thought would be possible even yesterday afternoon. And it just flowed; it just came to me.

[00:55:57.20] Jesus: Yeah. Straight out of you. Everything’s easier after that.

[00:56:00.24] Participant Female: But I never really thought that I could just be emotional, just let it, like it’s nothing to cry about but it doesn’t matter what it is …

[00:56:08.13] Jesus: Yeah, and it doesn’t matter even why. It’s an emotion, you need to feel it, get rid of it, if it’s an emotion that doesn’t belong in you, it will go. If it’s an emotion that’s in harmony with God, it’ll stay, and flow, again. You know when I say, all emotions come and go, but the emotions that are in harmony with God will be felt more often, and the emotions that are out of harmony with God, as you progress, will be felt less often, and eventually, not at all. Wonderful system. God’s a wonderful creator: very, very clever. If you look at the marvel of the human soul and how it’s been created, it’s just amazing; far more remarkable than our human body, how the soul’s been created, it’s just amazing.



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