Layers Of Emotions To Feel

There are layers of emotions above causal emotions that we need to feel

white onion slice

Layers to get to the core

Of course and also the problem with trying to do this, the problem with intellectually knowing something causes you to try to access an emotion that often is not present, or often has layers of other emotions on top of it that you first need to feel.

For example a lot of people have a lot of rage, which they don’t wish to acknowledge. They feel embarrassed about acknowledging it, or they feel that they shouldn’t have it or lots of other judgements about the anger that they have within them. So what they do is they tell themselves they don’t have any anger. 

The same applies with many of their addictions. Most people have huge amounts of addictions in play in their day-to-day life, all suppressing certain fears and certain grief. But what they tell themselves is they don’t have those addictions. It’s not an addiction that caused them to do this today or yesterday or caused them to eat this food or caused them to go and do this thing with another person. They tell themselves it was a pure desire. They are always trying to feed themselves validation of why their soul wishes to hang on to its suppression and its resistance.

The problem with any intellectual processing is that it’s tainted with a lack of logic most of the time. Until you process through the emotion and while it’s tainted with a lack of logic, you can guess that you have certain causal emotions, or you can assume that because certain events happened to you that you must have certain emotions, but that doesn’t help you actually get into the emotions.
What’s going to help you is to be far more honest about the suppression and the resistance that you have and then allow yourself to go through the rage first, the anger that you have, which comes from your addictions not getting met, down into your addictions, the expectations and demands that you have that you would like to have met, and then through them into the actual fears that you actually have that often suppress the grief. So what we need to do is go through that particular process.

The average person doesn’t want to go through that process. In most woman’s cases, they would like to go from where they are now right to the grief, and skip the fact that they are angry and skip the fact that they’ve got addictions. And definitely for most woman skip the fact that they have fear. They want to have no fear, but they have lots of fear, lots of terror to feel, and most women don’t want to feel that.

In the case of men, often times they will allow themselves to experience some anger cause it’s a bit more socially acceptable for a man to express anger. So usually men are in less denial of their anger but fear is a very weak place for most men to go to. They don’t feel that they can go there.
For most men sadness is the worst possible place for them to go so of course they don’t really want to go there.

Most men cycle between the stages of anger and addiction and most woman cycle between the stages of suppression of anger and addiction. Unfortunately that means that the majority of people do not know emotionally or intellectually what really is the causal emotion that they need to express in order to release themselves from their current condition.

The only way you are going to know is by going down through that process. Most of us want to skip that process and so most of us guess, using our intellect and our guesses are often very wrong. We often receive emails, where people say, “Oh, I feel this is about a low sense of worth,” and we’re saying it’s not about a low sense of worth at all. In fact you arrogantly think that you’re better than other people. There are so many things that people say to us from an intellectual concept about what they think it is and you can feel from them that it’s totally different from what
they’re saying.

Even sometimes if that might be the causal emotion that resides within them, there is still the issue that in avoidance of that, in their addiction, they behave very arrogantly. And if they try to skip to feeling the low sense of worth, that may or may not be there, without first dealing with their unloving and addictive behaviour in
arrogance, then it’s not going to work, is it?
No. They’ve got to see things, and they’ve got to go through the seeing of things in order for it to be a sincere process. You can’t expect to just jump to an emotion that you would like it to be.

Often real emotions are very different to what we expect because they are tainted with
suppression or resistance

What we find is that most people would like their emotions to be a certain way and their true emotions are very, very different to what they would like their emotions to be. If you are truly honest with this process you are most of the time going to be quite surprised when you get to the actual causal emotion as to what it really was or what it really is.

The reason why that is the case is because your soul, up until that time, is in suppression or denial or resistance to processing that particular emotion and so everything coming into your mind, unless it’s a thought dropped to you from your spirit friends or somebody else, someone outside of you, everything coming into your mind that’s from your own thoughts and your own feelings is going to be tainted with your resistance and suppression. It’s going to be an excuse to suppress you from
other things.

This is why most people who say that they know what their causal emotion is but they’re not feeling it, they don’t even know what their causal emotion is most of the time. This is the reason why they are not feeling it because they don’t know what it is. If they knew what it is and they were allowing the experience of it they
would probably get there.

Working through blockages of anger, addiction and fear to access causal emotions

The second part of the question is, if you do actually know what your causal emotion is, which is possible, to intellectually have a good idea of what it actually might be, and you’re not experiencing the emotion, then obviously we need to look at the first three things, anger, addiction and fear. It’s got to be one of those three things blocking the flow of that emotion.

This is where most people really struggle. They don’t want to acknowledge they’re angry; they don’t want to acknowledge they are afraid, and most of the time they like their addictions because their addictions give them everything they want and they want to keep them. For that reason the majority of people, even if they do come to know intellectually what their causal emotion is, probably won’t process it unless they go through the processing of the resistive emotions and the suppressive emotions, which are all related to anger, addictions and fear.

This is where we need to allow ourselves to go. And because anger, addictions and fear are
generally unpleasant to acknowledge within us, a lot of them feel quite sleazy, in terms of
emotionally, so they feel quite shameful to experience, we often don’t want to go there either.
This is why we become blocked.

My suggestion to a person in this kind of situation is to first stop trying to use their intellect to find what the emotion is and instead use their intellect to find what the block is. What’s going on, what anger is in them, what addictions are in them and what fears they have? Start to acknowledge those particular emotions. Unless they acknowledge those emotions and go through the process of feeling those emotions, and, through the exercise of their will, desire to feel those emotions, they will never get to know what their causal emotions are.

So you’re saying if we’re not feeling our causal emotions we could be guessing wrong?

Most likely we’re guessing wrong I’m saying. If on the off chance that we’re not, we’re still not going through our fear, our anger, and our addictions.

Because once we do that our causal emotion will flow from us naturally.

Easily, like a child. Once you go through and release the blockages from you, the causal emotion just flows out of you, without even any need to access it intellectually. When a situation comes up, and because you are humble to your emotion now, and you’re humble to what the experience is ,and you don’t worry so much about what everybody thinks of you, you just go straight into your emotion.

You don’t have to think about it and you don’t have to worry about it, you don’t have to work it all out or any of those kinds of things. And if you have to do all of those things, you are in a lot of fear. In fact you are doing those things to avoid the feeling of your fears, and you are doing those things to avoid the work needed to be done in fear, addiction and anger, which are the main reasons why you block any emotion that is


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