Judging emotions


[00:10:51.16] Participant Female: So is judgment, control?

Gavel 5[00:10:58.26] Jesus: Of course, but it’s a control that’s been enforced by your environment generally; so in other words, your judgment of emotion usually comes from somebody else teaching you to judge that emotion. The way you control your emotion a lot is by judgment: that’s how your parents controlled your emotions. They said, “Now that’s really bad, I’m giving you a belting for that.” “That’s really good, you can do that.” And the good thing might have been not so good from God’s perspective, and the bad thing might have been good from God’s perspective. But you now judge each one based on what your parent taught you.

[00:11:32.06] Mary: A lot of us have that, if I put everyone else’s feelings first, then I’m good. If I put myself first, now I judge myself. When actually when we honour our emotions, we have to honour ourselves first in order to feel them. It’s quite insidious …

[00:11:46.05] Jesus: Yeah eventually you will not be selfish with your emotions though.

[00:11:48.20] Mary: Yeah. It won’t be self before others.

[00:11:53.10] Jesus: But you need to honour your own emotions otherwise you won’t even feel when you’re selfish. Many of us do selfish things every day and we don’t even know



PDF -Seminar With Jesus & Mary Relationship With God Understanding Your Emotional Self S2

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