Emotions are not known until they are felt

Mary (reading person’s question):  I often know the emotion I must feel, but how do I feel it?

Emotions are not known until they are felt

Smart guy

Jesus: Firstly, this statement that you often intellectually know the underlying causal emotion is, to me, intellectual tomfoolery that we play with ourselves. Most of the time you don’t know, to be honest, and it’s only when you actually feel an emotion that you know what its cause is.

For any person who believes they intellectually know what their emotions are but they are not feeling them, it’s highly unlikely that they actually do intellectually know what their emotions are. Even if they do intellectually know what their emotions are that will not necessarily help them to feel it. You might as well give up the whole process of trying to intellectually know anything and even stop telling yourself that you intellectually know things.

Everything your mind processes comes from your soul anyway, and if your soul hasn’t released a specific emotion yet, then you don’t know it, either at your soul level or intellectually. It’s pointless telling yourself that you do.

Often we want to tell ourselves that we do because we are addicted to the concept that we know, and in fact we use knowledge as a way of allaying fear. We try to tell ourselves, “Oh I don’t have to be so afraid of that now that I know something about it.” That’s where our problems all start.

In fact the whole reason why we are not feeling underlying causal emotions, as we’ve already explained in other FAQs on this emotional subject, is generally because we are either in denial, we are in addiction or we are terrified. We’re afraid. It’s usually one of those three reasons. Obviously we need to go down through those particular processes and if a person looks at, I think it was the previous FAQ I answered, in this session, they will have the answer of how to go down through all of those emotions.

I feel in this person’s case they need to firstly stop telling themselves that they intellectually know things. You don’t know anything until you process through it emotionally. Until then you’re just regurgitating memories, or you could say words that have been spoken to you. You don’t really know much more than that at that point.



FAQ Session/Interview With Jesus & Mary Emotions & Feelings S01 The Experience Of ‘Darker’ Emotions


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